Reimagining how
Kentucky spirits are
presented to the world

In 2014, our founders had the courage to abandon comfortable, successful career paths to create something extraordinary.

They loved Kentucky bourbon culture, but had a dream of something different. Something new. They chose to follow intuition over the advice of industry experts. They were galvanized by those who called them crazy.

They purchased the Old Taylor Distillery, in ruins. Then they got to work, building a team of like-minded people, often from outside of the industry, who shared in their vision. Together, we did not renovate the distillery – we restored it.

Will Arvin

Founding Partner

Wes Murry

Founding Partner

Brook Smith


Today, we are a spirits brand led by consumers. By people like us, who expect more. Who think a great drink should do more than comfort, it should delight. Who want to challenge conventions and their palate.

Taking up Colonel Taylor’s sensibilities for excellence, we source local ingredients to inspire our product. We make everything that we sell from carefully selected grains. We choose to do things the thoughtful way – even though it’s not the easy way – because waiting to sell the spirits we make is worth it.

We are reimagining how Kentucky spirits are presented to the world. We invite you to join us, and be a part of our story.

Join our team.