• Production Operator

    Castle & Key Distillery - Frankfort, KY
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    Manufacturing is the very core of our business. Castle & Key Production Operators will be trained in several functional areas within the manufacturing environment so they can effectively provide support to multiple processes when in need.

    A production operator in the Castle & Key Distillery department is responsible for the accurate and timely manufacture of milled grain to barreled new distillate utilizing a proprietary computer controlled and semi-manually operated production facility. The operator is expected to accurately measure all required materials, correctly add, and effectively operate all machinery according to training/SOP protocols, including, but not limited to: scales, pumps, tanks, and stills. The operator will also maintain record of production details including analytical test results, mashing and distillation worksheets, receipt time and quantity of any ingredient or necessary materials, and any other required data as specified in supplied training/SOP protocols.

    Since safety is a top priority at Castle & Key, much of the operator’s responsibility will focus on maintaining a safe and sanitary work area by ensuring the department and all equipment are cleaned and kept in good working order. Having the ability to acclimate and problem solve quickly will be critically important as unforeseen equipment issues may arise throughout the normal operation day. This role requires the individual to be a leader and self-starter, with the desire for advancement.

    RESPONSIBILITIES (Specific areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to):

    • Perform multiple and diverse production duties in the distillery, warehousing and bottling operations, i.e., grain receiving and handling, milling, cooking, fermentation, distillation, by-product handling, raw materials handling, and all bottling activities as needed.
    • Specific responsibilities of a Castle & Key Distillery Operator Level 1 are as follows:
      • Boiler blow-down – Day & Night Operations
      • Understanding of Water Systems and pump flow paths
      • Ingredient Unload
        • Proper set-up and operation of unload conveyor system
        • Basic troubleshooting of system faults
        • Grain quality testing and reports
        • Grain unload & loss log record keeping
      • Slop Unload
        • Understands proper operation of agitators and pumps
        • Clear and timely communications with Logistics’ Manager and Shift Leader/Supervisor at each unload to provide accurate information on levels in tanks.
        • Practice safety and cleanliness
      • Mashing
        • Silo Identification
        • Roller Mill gap set-up for milling, and verification of grind size (Sieve Analysis)
        • Mashing log record keeping and accurate documentation of ingredient quantities, temperatures, times and any notes that would be of value for other team members
        • Good understanding of flow pathways of grain, water, steam and mash
      • Steam Sterilization / Cleaning processes
      • Mash Transfer and Rinsing Process
      • Monitoring Fermentation – Beer Chemistry (dry inch, pH, brix, specific gravity)
      • Proven abilities in cistern room operation, gauging spirits and filling barrels. Understands all cistern SOPs including document preparation and regulatory requirements.
    • Conduct various quality control tests and procedures (i.e., temperatures, proof levels, grain quantities, gallonages, volumes, beer data, etc.) to assure that incoming raw materials, work-in-process and finished product meet the desired quality guidelines as set forth in the Castle & Key operations manual.
    • Perform general maintenance, preventive maintenance, sanitation and general clean-up functions pertaining to production tools and equipment. Assist maintenance personnel when needed.
    • Effectively troubleshoot and resolve operational problems when they occur. Consult with the Production Supervisor or Master Distiller when situations exist that require collective reasoning.
    • Read, comprehend, and comply with all production operation directives and procedures
    • Maintain and service plant buildings, grounds, facilities and utilities equipment as needed.


    • Ability to operate in a fast-paced environment, effectively working and communicating with other members of the department.
    • Above-average reading and comprehensive skills with the ability to communicate effectively in both oral and written form. Good interpersonal skills.
    • Demonstrated mathematical skills for basic calculations (add, subtract, multiply and divide).
    • Must be able to work on weekends as part of regular schedule.
    • Ability to lift at least 50 lbs without assistance.
    • Ability to track and weight ingredients accurately utilizing a floor scale, flow meter and load cell.
    • Provide support to unloading, milling, cooking, and fermentation processes, while maintaining satisfactory level of cleanliness and safety.
    • Ability to learn quickly and support the plant’s process improvement initiatives.
    • Previous Distillation/Manufacturing experience is preferred.


    Job Type: Full-time

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  • Maintenance Manager

    Castle & Key Distillery - Frankfort, KY
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    The Maintenance Technician at Castle & Key Distillery is responsible for maintaining the plant equipment and facilities with the primary goal of meeting and exceeding productivity and up-time targets.  To be effective in this position, the Maintenance Technician needs to have experience and an understanding of electrical motors (standard, TEFC, and explosion proof) on in-line motor starters and variable frequency drives, welding (MIG, TIG, Arc), basic pipe fitting, threading, etc.  Working knowledge of all valve types, installation and replacement of such, etc.  Knowledge of boilers and pumps (direct drive, ANSI) is preferred.  Knowledge of motor control center programming (Siemens, Square-D), variable frequency drives, PLC / Allen Bradley, Ladder Logic, and instruments (primarily Endress Hauser) is also preferred.

    At all times the Maintenance Technician will focus on the safety of themselves and the safety of all distillery employees whom their job responsibilities impact. The Maintenance Technician will be responsible for maintaining records of maintenance and recording any issues that arise with equipment, electrical, plumbing, mechanical or general facility immediately and acting immediately to reduce production downtime as much as possible.

    Much of the Maintenance Manager’s responsibility will be involved in the development and management of a planned preventative maintenance system in order to effectively optimize our facilities systems and identify areas of improvement.

    The ability to acclimate and problem solve quickly will be critically important as unforeseen issues may arise throughout the normal working day.

    RESPONSIBILITIES (Primary duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to):

    • Encourage close teamwork between all production and distillery functions through regular training of these teams so that they may function with relative autonomy in regards to daily troubleshooting
    • Establish and manage the yearly, monthly, and weekly preventative maintenance plan to ensure essential maintenance is completed within the required run time thresholds as a support to site-wide continuous initiatives.
    • Monitor plant/equipment to ensure optimal operation and reduction of planned/unplanned downtime.
    • Establish shutdown and start-up work programs with the production team to minimize risks to production and people.
    • Maintain a clean work environment. All tools, parts, and repair equipment are organized daily.  Workspaces should be clean and organized, tools returned to the designated areas at the end of each shift.
    • Responsible for coordinating repair work through managers around other production department schedules. Schedule needed repairs to have minimum interference with production.
    • Maintain all operating equipment in satisfactory condition.
    • Plan and provide for an adequate supply of spare parts and ensures control over spare parts and maintenance supplies within an updated inventory listing. Specifically identify parts that have long lead times and keep parts on hand.
    • Oversee department budget and ensure all work completed is within budget parameters. Analyze cost of proposals to reduce operating costs.
    • Keep and update equipment and facility records and procedures; such as equipment manuals, schematic drawings, and facility drawings.
    • Ensure that all equipment and facility installations and/or modifications meet or exceed all regulatory agency i.e. (FDA, OSHA, ADA, EPA) standards and complies with all Company policies and/or procedures.
    • Adhere to all safety and quality policies and procedures, reporting any nonconformity.
    • Off-shift and weekend maintenance planning.
    • Other duties as assigned by management.
    • Excellent customer service for both internal and external customers


    The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job with or without reasonable accommodations.

    • Hours may vary if emergencies arise
    • Ability to perform all functions of the Maintenance Department
    • Position requires sitting, standing, bending, stooping, twisting, and lifting products and supplies weighing 85 pounds and repetitive hand and wrist motion
    • Potential exposure to noise in excess of 85 decibels, caustic, acid, hot equipment, mechanical hazards, heat and cold
    • Work with office equipment such as computers, phones, fax machines and copiers.


    • Minimum of 4 years related experience
    • PLC / Ladder Logic programming within a Rockwell / Allen Bradley environment
    • Understand Motor Control Center programming, including Variable Frequency Drives
    • Strong understanding of preventative maintenance and continuous improvement experience
    • Leadership experience. Preferably leading a team of their own as well as collaborating with other leaders.
    • Trade school or degree earned at College or University preferred
    • Consistently arrives on-time and exhibits reliability and responsibility at all times
    • Ability to resolve conflict
    • Strong team building skills
    • Ability to effectively plan and manage change as well as remain flexible.
    • Analyze and solve complex problems
    • Strong computer (PC) skills
    • Strong communication skills
    • Ability to operate within a continuous operation (24 hours, 7 days per week)

    Job Type: Full-time

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