Rise 2022 Seasonal
Spring Gin

A Spirit To Celebrate New Growth

At Castle & Key, it’s time to reflect on the rebirth of the very ground we stand on: of the old distillery that we’ve restored, and the blossoming fields around it that we now draw inspiration from. This seasonal gin is a testament to the land and to the vibrancy of the harvest, harnessing the spirit of rebirth in a thoughtful selection of botanicals.
Rise Seasonal Spring Gin 2022

Candied lemon peel, almond cookie, peppercorn, resinous, sweet rose, fresh alfalfa, vanilla, creamy, and a touch of mint.

Floral, peppery, pine, sweet licorice, marzipan, savory herbal, wintergreen, and graham cracker.

Juniper, Tarragon, Lemon Peel, Rose Petal, Green Peppercorn, Almond, Green Cardamom, and Licorice.

Short finish bringing herbal and peppery spice and punchy alcohol.

17% Yellow Corn
63% Rye
20% Malted Barley

103 Alc/Vol - 51.5%

A spirit that can be enjoyed alone
or stand out in a cocktail.