Kentucky Rye

The release of Castle & Key's first whiskey

Whiskey takes time. We started this journey in 2014, barreling our first product in 2016. In 2020, we feel it's ready to share.

Each batch of our Restoration Rye Whiskey is blended using a series of pods. Each pod is created by grouping barrels to create a specific sensory profile.

17% Yellow Corn
63% Rye
20% Malted Barley

Batch 1

Aroma: Brown Sugar, Cinnamon Toast, Dried Figs, Pipe Tobacco, Baking Chocolate, Orange Peel

Taste: Sweet Baking Spice, Cinnamon Roll, Caramelized Sugar, Dried Currants, Lightly Roasted Almonds and a Hint of Black Licorice.

Finish: Sweet with light hints of maple syrup and dark honey

60 Barrels

103 Alc/Vol - 51.5%

Sensory Info

Batch 2

Aroma: Bright, Lemon Peel, Toasted Oak, Apricot, Wild Flower, Honey, Graham Cracker

Taste: Pie Crust, Honeysuckle, Mint, Agave Nectar, Dry Cinnamon, Light Stone Fruit

Finish: Cooling, Spearmint with light mouth numbing

57 Barrels

99 Alc/Vol - 49.5%

Sensory Info

Thoughtful in every detail,
from grain to glass.