London Dry
Gin: Autumn
2019 Recipe

Our first limited-release,seasonal spirit.

Our 2019 Autumn Gin is created using the same base as our Restoration Release Gin, but features seasonal botanicals that are reminiscent of classic autumn flavors.
Spirit Illustration

Eucalyptus and clove up front, with notes of sweet floral, light candied cinnamon, lemon zest and pine.

Spearmint and stone fruit initially, shifting to light lemon peel and finally building to spicy clove, rich savory cinnamon, ginger and hints of pepper.

Cooling up front, slowly warming to spruce and finishing with slight spicy heat of cinnamon and clove.

17% Yellow Corn
63% Rye
20% Malted Barley

103 Alc/Vol - 51.5%

Thoughtful in every detail, from grain to glass.